Spec as a Service

A good project specification and development plan is the first step to a successful project. While it’s all-to-common to make do with only a high-level brief and some rough estimates, this need not be the case.

As a company we’ve always taken pride in our granular, task-oriented approach to specification. We consider it a vital factor in our ten years of success with release delivery, budget accuracy and risk mitigation.

We now offer this as a standalone service to companies that are preparing to take the first step towards making their project a reality. So if you’re still getting to grips with scope, or are looking to get an idea of costs and deadlines, or even are midway through a project and have concerns, contact us.

We’ll listen to your brief, review any documentation you may have already, and then give you a fixed quote to create you a spec and dev plan.

The typical package includes:

  • a feature tree with human-readable steps covering all functionality
  • mockups of each screen in the system
  • ordered issues defining the development steps to achieve the features
  • comparative estimates and costings for each issue
  • a realistic overall budget for the project

You can take this package and shop it around to development companies, use it as an input to your IT department, or of course use our quality development team. But whatever you choose, it’s yours and will take your project on the brink of becoming a reality, stress free.