What we do

ImplicitDesign is a bespoke software company. We write solutions for businesses and individuals, tailor-made to their requirements.

We assist at all levels, from briefing and scoping, through development and testing, to ongoing support. Sometimes we’re the only dev team on the project, other times we’re working with an existing team. Sometimes the project is half-finished, often we’re starting from nothing but an idea on a piece of paper.

Whatever it is, every project is unique, but they all benefit from our knowledge gained in each of them.

Some typical use-cases for bespoke software are:


Replacing a manual, time-consuming and error-prone process with a website and a database


Many businesses rely on a paper checklist, or a 20 tab Excel file, or a shelf of lever-arch files.

A web-based system can remove that clutter while streamlining the business process. And at the same time ensure the data is safe and reliable and accessible from anywhere in the world, leaving you and your staff free to work on the real business.


Automating a business process


Most businesses have a number of moving parts to produce their unique product. The way one step follows the next, in a repeatable way, while ensuring the best quality, is an ongoing challenge. A software system captures the knowledge of your business as it grows and ensures that your customers always experience the same quality service. Plus your new staff are ready to go in record time.


Complex processes


Computers are faster than people, can remember more than people, and can process more data more reliably than people. Only a software system can run millions of complex calculations many times a day, or mine through huge datasets looking for relationships.

What used to require high-end super computers with armies of developers to manage them is now in reach of everybody.


Communicating with other computers


Our world is more connected than ever, and most of those connections are to machines. Whether it be a banking system or an Uber app, your business can benefit from reaching out and talking to the world.


Reaching your audience


If your business is based around interacting with people, then an app or a website is the number one way to reach them. You’ll need to consider all aspects from getting the people to your site, showing useful information, storing the data and building people into your systems.