A tablet based-system with online capability for auditing restaurants and others

Our client on this project is a large auditing company that vets restaurants and other environments to ensure cleanliness and standards compliance. They had been using a largely paper-based system and needed to make the cycle of data capture, internal quality control and reporting simpler and scalable.

The system we created is in part a website running on an Android tablet which works without internet. Before leaving the office, the auditor synchronises the audit questionnaires onto the tablet and then proceeds to evaluate the site. Later in the day back at the office, the answers and other results are synchronised to the server.

All the data is stored on the client’s central server and managed through an administrator website, using a PHP back-end.

5 years later we continue to make regular releases of new functionality and recently we migrated the front-end to React.

The system has been a big success and ensured our client has a repeatable and reliable process at the core of their business.