A management site for issuing orders and predicting stock counts, connecting suppliers and shops

A South African based entrepreneur approached us to create a site which connected restaurants with suppliers. Traditionally the order process in this industry is performed by phone with ad hoc spreadsheets. This is error prone and doesn’t allow for reporting or other optimisations.

We developed a system together with him over a period of many years, initially using a Django back-end and jQuery web-site. Recently large parts of the site have been rewritten in React to improve the user experience and performance.

This project is still active and under continuous development. It’s scope has increased to mini shops across the country and includes all major retailers.

Apart from tracking orders and deliveries, it also performs dense monthly reports to allow proactive managing of stock level at shops.

The site also receives thousands of stock and sales data reports from all clients each day and aggregates them into order sheets ready for ordering.